Documentary Subtitling

Documentary Subtitling

Subtitles are the text equivalent of the words in a documentary. It involves transcribing a speech in the video to text with utmost efficiency. Documentary subtitling has a way of improving your video’s ability to cater to a broader audience. Consider adding subtitles if using a foreign language or the speaker has an accent that makes it harder for non-native speakers to understand.

At Transcription Planet, our experts combine technical knowledge with language proficiency to create the best documentary subtitles.

Whether you want to feature in BBC, History, or Discovery Channel, Transcription Planet has got you covered. Our transcriptionists can work on any video format, observing the broadcasting codes and other requirements. We understand the essence of error-free writing when it comes to documentary subtitles.


TranslationPlanet is ready to translate, transcribe and proofread your next project. 

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