Danish Language

Danish, a North Germanic language, is in the Denmark region by almost 6 million people. In Southern Schleswig and Greenland, there is a significant population that speaks the Danish language. In Southern Schleswig, it has been established as a minority language. There are Danish-speaking communities, where it is widely spoken. These communities include Sweden, Norway, Spain, the US, Brazil, Canada, and Argentina. Around fifteen to twenty percent of the Greenland population speaks Danish. Danish belongs to the Indo-European language family.

The Danish language was not standardized till the sixteenth century. However, afterward, a Protestant Reformation took place, during which a printing industry was established. It made it plausible for the Danish language to be standardized. It also has a wide vowel inventory. There are also around twenty-seven distinctive vowels in the Danish script. Experts believe that Danish can be really hard to learn because it is pretty different than other languages in the world.

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