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A guide about transcribing and subtitling industry

While waiting for a movie in a foreign language, you might get some idea about the movie through the video, but it is impossible to understand the audio without the subtitles and subtext. So the transcribing of the videos and the subtitling is a proper industry which...

Ten facts about translation

With over 7000 languages being spoken in the world, it’s hard to believe that translation is not a subject that is as popular as other professions. While it is a job that requires backbreaking work and passion, it is also an art that indulges emotions and cultural...

Best Language Solutions Company In East Africa

If you are looking for the best language services in East Africa, you should look no further. A single name has the potential to solve all your linguistic needs in East Africa: East African Language Solutions Language services have become one of the core requirements...

How translation services optimize brand marketing.

Imagine how the recipients will feel if you disregard their cultural aesthetics and send them a poorly produced black and white copy of an invitation card or business brochure. They will be hesitant to trust you with their money. This is precisely how they will feel...

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